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5 Star Reviews from i.Athlete Yelp & Google Business Review Sites

5 Star Reviews from i.Athlete Yelp & Google Business Review Sites

I'm writing this review from the perspective of a parent that exhausted many efforts to help alleviate sports pain for my daughter. She's 16 years old and has played basketball for 11 of those years. She had constant knee discomfort which turned into constant pain.
We saw a total of 7 doctors, 2 specialists, and about 9-10 different braces and sleeves.
This probably sounds familiar for most of you and then my daughter met Dr. NooLee.
He took an approach to her pain that was totally different in a positive way. His main concern was limiting her pain and as a parent that's always top priority for your child.
Dr. NooLee not only helped her from a physical aspect but raised her self esteem from a mental aspect and gave her hope as previous efforts seemed hopeless. The different techniques and exercises he taught steadily improved pain management to pain free. Years of improper exercises, stretching techniques had to be undone and it has been an amazing journey that we are truly thankful for Dr. NooLee's support but most importantly his relentless pursuit to ensure our daughter can continue to enjoy the sport she loves without pain and discomfort. Thanks Doc you are truly a blessing and can't say enough about the passion you have about your craft
- Tyronne Munn

I injured my back about 6 months ago at the gym and had been to several doctors and chiropractors about it with some success, but was still suffering from some pretty noticeable pain daily. I went to Noolee after my orthopedic doctor suggested I try more traditional physical therapy (I had been doing some therapy at my chiropractor's office). I am always afraid when choosing medical practitioners because I never really know (barring some crazy mishap) if I chose right or not until I've sunken a ton of money and time into them - especially for something that takes a while like physical therapy. I found Noolee on Yelp and decided to give him a try because I was really looking for someone that seemed to cater toward getting people back into an active lifestyle and understands people that want that. I had gone from training almost daily with weights, martial arts, boxing, jogging, etc down to almost nothing with my back injury and was anxious to get back to it.

After about a month and a half with Noolee, I am super glad I made the decision to go to him. My back is feeling better than it has pretty much since I hurt it. Though I'm not quite back to 100% yet, I think by keeping on doing the routines he taught me, I can get there and also prevent it from happening again. But beyond that, the thing that most impressed me with Noolee is that I really feel like he cared about getting me better. Many times, I feel like doctors aren't paying attention and their treatment feels like a one size fits all approach. Not so with Noolee. The best part of every session was at the beginning and end, he would go over how I felt and what my goals were. Every single time! There were times when I went on and on about how afraid I was that it wasn't going to get better or I wasn't sure what to do. He would walk me through the treatment plan he had and most importantly, HOW that treatment was supposed to make me better. A lot of times, a doctor will just tell me his treatment and shuffle me away. Or pass me off to assistants to do the rest. It's always one on one time with Noolee, and that's awesome. The exercise routines he gave me were brutal too. And the thing was - I had been given these routines from other doctors as well, but Noolee was very particular about them. He would constantly correct my form, telling me were to focus, what to move, what not to move. Where I should feel it, where I shouldn't feel it. It made a world of difference - movements that I had done before suddenly become an intense workout after his corrections. I have never seen that kind of attention to detail of movements for physical therapy before! And it was very welcome. Every session with him felt like a hardcore workout and I would routinely leave sweating. His routines he told me to do at home were killer too - but they definitely helped!

Beyond that, Noolee is just super nice and personable. He really remembers who I am, what my problems are, and even little things. Made it feel less intimidating than talking to other doctors. And again, it really seems like he cares. Things were moving along slowly with him at first - after about a month, I was still feeling pain in my back, so he suggested I send him videos and updates of my exercises so he could tell me if there's anything else I need to do. He even said we could have a video call or something! And he didn't even charge extra for that!

I am very thankful that I met Noolee. He is very honest (at one point, when I was trying everything and the kitchen sink to get better, he even suggested I stop seeing him for a while to see if what we were doing was working or if it was something else. That's amazing!), very kind, and very good at what he does. He is just starting is practice out, and does not have a big office or anything (he works out of a room at a gym), but don't let that put you off. He is one of the best medical practitioners I have ever been to. My back is about 90% better now and I am no longer in constant pain. I had stopped seeing my other treatments I had been doing because working with Noolee is what was the turning point in my recovery. If you are having issues, talk to him and see. I am sure he will be 100% honest with you on if he feels he is right for your treatment. The only thing is he does not accept insurance, though he does give you all the information you need to submit your own claim to your insurance company. This is hit and miss - I had no luck with my own insurance (Anthem Blue Cross), which does hurt the wallet a bit compared to a fully covered/in network place. But you can't put a price on your health and I think if you can cover the cost, it is definitely worth it to give Noolee and iAthlete a visit.
- Kevin Chao

Following my car accident, I was under the care of chiropractic treatments, massage therapists and pain management care for about 4 months but none provided progressing relief to my ongoing pains.

When I went to see Noolee of i.Athlete, I was at a point of despair. My pains had escalated to a point which required me to take prescription pain killers, oral steroids and muscle relaxants. I saw no hope of relief other than invasive steroids injections that my pain management doctor continue to recommend for me and of which I was reluctant to pursue.

After a very thorough and caring consultation, Noolee gave me a few basic exercises to do daily. Although basic, I was barely able to complete the tasks with ease. He told me to do them for a week and throughout the week, he would check up on my progress and encouraged me to keep going despite its difficulties. With his help, I finally felt hope and I was off my medications within that first week. I am continuing to make progress.

If you're looking for a PT who understands the correlation of the overall well-being of the physical linked with the mental and emotional, go see Noolee. He's not just a PT that you see at your appointments, rather, he's your partner on your road to recovery
- Amy Liang

I really hope everyone will take the time to read this and give Noolee a try. All it will take is one session and you will understand.

I hurt my back for the first time about 2 years ago and have injured it several times since then. I had gone to numerous doctors in different industries and always go to the same feel, they were the “only” person that could fix my issues and the only way to do that was with more treatments. I was basically told this would be a life long condition.

After the most recent time I injured my back, I decided to give Noolee a try. I could barely bend over and touch my knees and I had been going to another doctor twice a week for the previous 2 months with no improvement. I literally thought I was never going to do anything athletic again.

After my first session with Noolee I was shocked because he gave me a set of exercises to do at home, and said as long as I would faithfully do them, he wouldn’t need to see me for another 2 weeks. He told me his goal was to see me only when necessary, and to get me out as quickly as possible. For the first time in this industry, I felt like my doctor actually cared about fixing my injuries and getting me back into my old self.... not just how can they book their next session.

It has now been 3 months since going to Noolee for the first time, and I would HIGHLY recommend him to everyone. I couldn’t step more than 10 inches at a time when I got to him, and now I have already been able to play volleyball for the last 2 Wednesday’s
- Zac Smith